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Word Families

Word Families

When children learn to read, they first learn the individual sounds that letters make.  Then they decode words a sound at a time, such as /d/-/o/-/g/ to sound out and then blend "dog."  As children become better readers, they begin to look for "chunks" in words.  Children who can identify chunks in words can read better and faster and not spend so much time decoding words.  As our phonics program progresses and students learn leter sounds -- and as they learn to decode words sound-by-sound and blend them -- I will also introduce some "word families."  Word families have a pattern at the end or a "chunk."  Once children know the chunk, they can use it to help them read other words with the same chunk.  For example, a child who knows the word "cat" and identifies the chunk "-at" at the end of it can use that chunk to help them read the words "rat," "mat," "hat," etc.  Below are some of the word families that we discuss this year.


am - am, clam, slam, ram, ham, jam

at - at, fat, cat, mat, pat, rat, sat, bat

ap - map, tap, rap, sap, cap, nap, trap

an - pan, ran, man, can, ban, tan

ad - sad, mad, fad, glad, bad, dad, had

ig - pig, fig, dig, rig, big, wig

ip - dip, hip, trip, nip, lip, rip, sip, tip

it - it, bit, sit, grit, hit, fit, lit, pit, kit

in - pin, grin, bin, tin

op - mop, hop, flop, pop, cop, to, shop

ot - cot, toto, not, got, hot, lot, pot, rot

ox - box, fox

ug - bug, dug, rug, hug, tug, jug, mug

un - sun, bun, run, fun, pun, nun, stun

ut - but, hut, rut, cut, nut, shut

et - set, let, get, met, wet, pet, jet

en - pen, den, hen, men, ten, then, when

ed - bed, led, fed, red, wed, sled