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Supplemental Programs


Birthday Books Program

The library media center has a “Birthday Book” program.  Rather than sharing the traditional cupcakes, students can share the gift of a book with their fellow students.  With a donation to the library media center, a new book will be placed in the library with a special book plate inscribed with your child’s name and birthday. If you would like to observe your child’s birthday in this manner, send in a $10.00 donation with a Birthday Book form (available from Mrs. Frankel or under the library page of this site).  Your children will then come to the library on or before their birthday, sign his/her name on a special book plate and place the book in its new spot.  


Boxtops for Education Program

General Mills gives 10 cents cash to Wilcoxson School for every qualifying “boxtop” that we submit.  Boxtops are collected from each classroom, on a weekly basis.  The boxtops are collected from October to March, but they can be saved during the summer, and then submitted during the following school year.  This has proven to be a successful program and we strongly encourage your support. 


Cultural Arts Program

The PTA Cultural Arts committee works to bring quality assembly programs to our students throughout the school year. These PTA funded programs not only expose students to creative expression such as dance and theatre, but also combine learning with entertainment.  Please check the Wilcoxson Monthly Calendar for dates and times for exciting Cultural Arts Programs.



Labels for Education Program

We currently collect Campbell’s labels to purchase items for the specialists.   Please save the UPC’s from Campbell’s items and send them into your classroom or place them in the designated jar in the main hall.


Nature’s Classroom

At Nature’s Classroom, children participate in activities such as examining life in lakes and swamps, investigating weather, confidence-building group challenges, making a movie, and much more. 


Parent Directory

The Wilcoxson PTA offers the Parent Directory, which contains lists of students and their parents/guardians.  Included are telephone numbers, addresses, and E-mail addresses that are voluntarily provided by the parents/guardians.  There are two sections in this directory.  Section 1 is arranged in order by teacher, one page per classroom.  Section 2 is a school wide alphabetical listing by student.  Participation is completely voluntary.  Anyone who chooses not to participate will not be listed in the directory.  A sign up form is distributed to all families at the beginning of the school year. 


Safety Patrols

Safety patrols are offered to 6th grade students in the fall and if needed 5th

grade students in January.  These students must act responsibly and set a good example by helping other students.  Each student is given a badge and belt and assigned a key intersection to patrol, before and after school hours.



Take Charge of Education: Is an ongoing commitment to education from Target Stores, whereby after receiving either a Target Visa or Target Card, you can designate Wilcoxson School (ID #39246) to be the recipient of 1% of all purchases made at Target and .5% of all purchases made elsewhere with your Target Visa.  Target Cards allow us to receive 1% of purchases made at Target and Target.com.  For more information, or to designate Wilcoxson, call 1-800-316-6142.